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Plowing & Sanding

Serving the Killington, Pico, Pittsfield and Bridgewater areas with plowing and sanding services since our inception, Mosher Excavating’s staff is on-call 24/7 throughout the winter to respond quickly during a storm. We take every precaution to ensure safety while plowing your driveway and respond to your call with trucks that are kept in top condition.

Commercial sanding and plowing accounts are welcome at Mosher Excavating and you can count on reliable service and the immediate response they demand. Mosher Excavating has invested in the best sanding and plowing equipment we can buy to be able to quickly and economically handle commercial accounts. We can dispatch trucks and loaders throughout the Killington, Pico, Pittsfield, and Bridgewater areas to remove excessive snow as needed and have been the contractor of choice for commercial work for many years in our area.

Mosher offers seasonal contract rates or a per plow rates. Whether your driveway is long or short, your parking lot large or small, please give us a call at (802) 422-3146 or contact us and we would be happy to give you a quote on your plowing and sanding needs.

Download PDF of our letter of agreement (100 kb) pdf_logo